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  • May

    phpMyAdmin Installation, openSUSE 10.2

    I installed the phpmyadmin package the other day using YaST and need to document some things: Configuration area (config.inc.php file) ends up in /srv/www/htdocs/phpMyAdmin along with the rest of the installation. Decided to use “cookie based authentication”; don’t think I need to remember the password. The advanced features were turned on in config.sample.inc.php, but the […]

  • Mar

    crontab Configuration, openSUSE 10.2

    At some point several years ago, SUSE and Redhat migrated to new multi-file and sub-directory approaches (search anacron) for their system crontabs. A helpful comment posted to my 2 March entry motivated me to learn how these are set up. Here’s how openSUSE 10.2 structures its cron configuration and provides the means of controlling it: […]

  • Mar

    ZEN and YaST Updater Issues, openSUSE 10.2

    Update, Dec 07: Have successfully removed ZENworks/zmd, solving all problems described herein. See post of 12-Dec-07. My happiness with openSUSE 10.2 disappears when the Zen Updater runs. Every time it starts, does an update, restarts, etc, update-status (a compiled 64-bit executable, not a Perl or Python script) runs for 5-7 minutes with 99% cpu usage. […]

  • Feb

    Configuring Apache using YaST, openSUSE 10.2

    Configure Apache2 on openSUSE 10.2 with YaST instead of editing conf files. YaST is very efficient for initial Apache installation and for adding, enabling, and disabling server modules.

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