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  • Jul

    "No input file specified" mod_rewrite Problem

    I made several changes to some mod_rewrite rules which were working fine on my local Apache server.  I then published to a staging site hosted on GoDaddy for further testing. The rules which directed permalinks to a PHP program stopped working; “no input file specified” appeared on my browser instead. No access to the error […]

  • Jul

    PHP Array Index Implicit Casts and uniqid()

    In addition to performing implicit string-to-number casts for arithmetic expressions, PHP implicitly casts array keys in the same manner. Thus, even if one puts an integer in quotes as an array key, PHP will convert it back to an integer. However (as we learn from the response to Bug 21954) explicitly casting the index to […]

  • Jun

    Web Hosting Notes, Requirements, Comparison

    I now have 3 different Apache hosting environments: my openSUSE 10.2 workstation, GoDaddy, and A2Hosting. Signing up for a month is the only way to determine if a web application will work on an ISP’s service. Their hosting environments are all slightly different. Here are the issues I’ve encountered getting a PHP web application running […]

  • Apr

    AWS S3, PHP Security for Shared Servers

    The Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Service (AWS S3) agreement makes it clear that you the user are completely liable for any unauthorized use of your secret key. However, their PHP, Python, and Ruby code examples usually start off with “$secretKey = <insert your key here>” followed by a caution to “only use this example […]

  • Apr

    AWS S3 PHP Interface Classes

    I’ve been investigating the following code bundles to help me to get underway with the Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Service (AWS S3): Test Utility for Amazon S3 in PHP – from the AWS Developer Connection, it provides s3-test-utility-php.zip which contains: s3.php, index.php, and readme.html. Using the browser GUI provided by index.php to control s3.php, […]

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