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  • Jun

    Alternating Tri-Boot for Linux Workstations

    Alternating tri-boot hosts three operating systems on a PC workstation: the as-delivered Windows XP partition, and two Linux distributions which both mount the same /home partition.

  • May

    phpMyAdmin Installation, openSUSE 10.2

    I installed the phpmyadmin package the other day using YaST and need to document some things: Configuration area (config.inc.php file) ends up in /srv/www/htdocs/phpMyAdmin along with the rest of the installation. Decided to use “cookie based authentication”; don’t think I need to remember the password. The advanced features were turned on in config.sample.inc.php, but the […]

  • Feb

    ATI Drivers for Radeon XPRESS 200, openSUSE 10.2

    I didn’t have good results installing the ATI proprietary drivers in SUSE 10 using the ATI installer. The install itself was error-plagued and the X server was flakey afterwards. Thus when I upgraded to openSUSE 10.2 I chose not to install the proprietary drivers. For the past year I’ve been running with the non-3D Mesa/radeon […]

  • Jan

    SMART smartd Configuration, openSUSE 10.2

    Stumbled across smartd in YaST/System/System Services (runlevel) and turned it on. In addition to monitoring the long-term health trend of the disk, SMART also provides interesting real-time information about the hard drive: total hours, number of power cycles, current temperature, etc. I liked smartmontools so much that I also installed it on my WindowsXP machines, […]

  • Dec

    How To Disable ZENworks ZMD, openSUSE 10.2

    The openSUSE 10.2 update repository that I was connected to stopped receiving updates from the mother ship in late November. I checked some other mirrors and found them to be in the same state. Only the main ftp.suse.com repository is current (as of this post). I could find no mention of this problem on openSUSE.org. […]

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