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  • Jul

    "No input file specified" mod_rewrite Problem

    I made several changes to some mod_rewrite rules which were working fine on my local Apache server.¬† I then published to a staging site hosted on GoDaddy for further testing. The rules which directed permalinks to a PHP program stopped working; “no input file specified” appeared on my browser instead. No access to the error […]

  • Jun

    Canonical Web URLs using the Apache Rewrite Engine

    With current browsers and typical ISP web hosting account http server setups, surfers can view a web site by typing either www.example.com or example.com into their browser’s URL field. Prevailing wisdom in the SEO community is that web administors should convert all visits to one or the other. They suggest that if your site’s visitors […]

  • Jun

    Web Hosting Notes, Requirements, Comparison

    I now have 3 different Apache hosting environments: my openSUSE 10.2 workstation, GoDaddy, and A2Hosting. Signing up for a month is the only way to determine if a web application will work on an ISP’s service. Their hosting environments are all slightly different. Here are the issues I’ve encountered getting a PHP web application running […]

  • Feb

    Configuring Apache using YaST, openSUSE 10.2

    Configure Apache2 on openSUSE 10.2 with YaST instead of editing conf files. YaST is very efficient for initial Apache installation and for adding, enabling, and disabling server modules.

  • Jan

    Apache Configuration for SVN, WebDAV

    Here is my current Apache2 config file’s subsection for serving Subversion and WebDAV folders:¬†default-server.conf (webdav fragment). Comments: I’m using AuthType Basic for svn, viewcvs, and filesystem DAV access. It provides some security, and is also necessary for WindowsXP, which apparently will not connect to a Web Folder with no authentication. The viewCVS location needs its […]

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