How To Disable ZENworks ZMD, openSUSE 10.2

The openSUSE 10.2 update repository that I was connected to stopped receiving updates from the mother ship in late November. I checked some other mirrors and found them to be in the same state. Only the main repository is current (as of this post). I could find no mention of this problem on

This problem plus the announcement of openSUSE 11.0 Alpha caused me to reconsider my upgrade plans. I am happy with 10.2 but was planning to upgrade to 10.3 solely to eliminate the nightly 1.5 hour zmd update runs (which I’ve complained about at length in a previous post).

Since I am now going to have to poke around with updating anyway, I decided to look once more for instructions on how to disable the ZENworks ZEN management daemon (zmd). If I succeed in turning off zmd, I may skip the 10.3 release entirely and go directly from 10.2 to 11.0.

How to Disable ZMD:

I found this article which provides simple instructions for disabling and removing zmd. Using it as a guide, I performed the following steps:

  1. rczmd stop – this stopped zmd. Hallelujah! I’ve never known how to do this before now.
  2. Start the YaST, Software, Installation Source GUI.
  3. Add as a new catalog.
  4. Disable (status = Off, update = Off) the old ( mirror catalog. This catalog can be removed once the ftp catalog is working.
  5. Uncheck the “Synchronize with ZENworks” check box.
  6. Click Finish.
  7. The catalog information was successfully downloaded from, new updates appeared in the updater applet, and were successfully applied. Everything seems to be working.
  8. I restarted the Installation Source GUI and was dismayed to see the “Synchronize with ZENworks” box still checked. Don’t know if it is still turned on, or if the GUI is just urging me to turn it back on.
  9. Leaving zmd turned off but still installed, I let the system run for a few days until I verified that newly released updates from openSUSE were reported in the updater applet.
  10. Once verified, I removed the zmd related packages as described in the article:
    rpm -e zmd libzypp-zmd-backend sqlite-zmd rug zen-updater
  11. Restarted the Installation Source GUI: the “Synchronize with ZENworks” box is now grayed out.
  12. Rebooted; start-up works fine without ZENworks zmd.

Updater Applet:

If you are running KDE, you may need to perform the following step:

  1. Switch the panel updater applet (controlled  by /etc/sysconfig/sw_management) from zlm (the zen-updater update manager) to opensuse.

I had already done this manually during my previous battles with zmd, but I have some recollection that it will happen automatically if the zen-updater application isn’t found. For Gnome, I don’t know what applet (if any) will appear in the panel.

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3 Comments to "How To Disable ZENworks ZMD, openSUSE 10.2"

  1. Al wrote:

    I have been pulling my hair out the last days trying to get my updater working again. I kept getting the error “Failed to parse XML metadata: A null value was found where an object instance was required. Could not be synchronized with ZenWorks”. I had reloaded several times, looked for patches, searched the net, etc., and found nothing worthwhile. I am running 10.2 and KDE so the KDE tip was both useful and necessary.

    Thank you very much,


  2. Norbert wrote:

    Ah great! Thank you for this perfect article, it just works.

  3. tfatih wrote:

    hi guys; my company database is Sybase; and running with suse server cpu is high usage for 1 montsh.when I write “top” command i can see “zmd”proccess use high zen important for suse or sybase?? if i stopped “zmd” proccess will i a encounter any problem

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