AWS S3 PHP Interface Classes

I’ve been investigating the following code bundles to help me to get underway with the Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Service (AWS S3):

  • Test Utility for Amazon S3 in PHP – from the AWS Developer Connection, it provides s3-test-utility-php.zip which contains: s3.php, index.php, and readme.html. Using the browser GUI provided by index.php to control s3.php, I was able to create a bucket and upload an object. Code is documented and lists the derivation history of the code (see Storage3 and Mission Data Blog below).
  • Amazon S3 Sample in PHP – an alternative s3.php that has some common heritage with the Test Utility s3.php.
  • Storage3 Project – the predecessor of the AWS Test Utility package, provides file Storage3.php plus the required PEAR modules (making it easy to install on a remote server where PEAR can’t be invoked).
  • Mission Data Blog – presents the original putObjectStream() method that has now been modified to use a file in the AWS Test Utility.

I want to stream data directly to S3 (without first saving to a file) thus the current form of the AWS Test Utility package won’t work directly. I can either use the Storage3 project or substitute the Mission Data putObjectStream() method back into the AWS Test Utility s3 class.

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