ZyXEL X-550, Dynamic DNS, RapidSVN

Installed my new ZyXEL wireless router, which solved the hanging problems of my two older BEFW11S4’s. The improved uptime, plus support for reserved DHCP addresses and dynamic DNS updates has got my Subversion server on line. Notes regarding the install:

  • Gave my httpd workstation a reserved IP address in the dhcp server and then forwarded http requests to that address.
  • Created dynamic DNS accounts at both no-ip.com and DynDNS.org. The ZyXEL was able to update both without a hitch. Settled on no-ip.com.
  • Both no-ip.com and the ZyXEL router support port shifting, so I had no-ip shift 80 to 5555 and then had the ZyXEL shift back from 5555 to 80. This worked but with problems: 1) the actual IP address showed up in the browser, and 2) PROPFIND and the other WebDAV methods were rejected by no-ip on port 5555.  So port translation is out for now.
  • Installed RapidSVN on WindowsXP after deciding I didn’t want the TortiseSVN commands showing up in every right-mouse click. RapidSVN worked perfectly after removing the port shifting described above.

posted in Subversion, SysAdmin by Bozzie

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