Subversion – svn:keywords, Binary Files

In my .subversion/config file, I have the following auto-props rule:

* = svn:keywords=Date Rev Author Id

This turns on keywords for all files, and I don’t have to make a new entry when I start working with a new type of source file.

However, I realized that with this rule, .jpg and .gif files will have keywords turned on and could trigger a substitution if say $Id: sdogWP-X10.sql,v 1.4 2014/11/18 06:10:40 tguthrie Exp tguthrie $ appeared as part of the binary data. So I went into my image directories and issued:

svn propdel svn:keywords *

Given subversion’s current config capabilities, I’ll always have to remember to perform a manual step. Currently, I have to remember to do the propdel for all new binary files. With the normal suffix rules, I’d have to add a new rule for each new source file type. I’d probably forget the first time and have to do a propadd for a bunch of files.

Subversion should extend the auto-prop rules to allow matching on text and binary file types; then I could change my * rule to text files only.

posted in Subversion by Bozzie

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