CVS to SVN, day 2

Trouble with $Id: sdogWP-X10.sql,v 1.4 2014/11/18 06:10:40 tguthrie Exp tguthrie $ and related keyword properties solved after finding a “How to get keywords to work” search result and learing that while double-quotes are required when using svn propset, they must not be used in the config file.

Next, the output of svn diff is a non-standard format, apparently used for creating patch files. I specified /usr/bin/diff via the .subversion/config diff-cmd option. No change! Finally discovered that svn diff passes a “-u” argument to diff, resulting in a non-default report format. Wrote a Perl wrapper to substitute the –normal option and call this wrapper via my .subversion config entry. Finally, the svn diff output now looks like a normal diff command.

Next, the SVN log says “(no author)” for files imported using Apache. I finally found the answer in the svn FAQ:

“If you allow anonymous write access to the repository via Apache, the Apache server never challenges the SVN client for a username, and instead permits the write operation without authentication. Since Subversion has no idea who did the operation, this results in a log like this (no author).”

So now I will add authentication.

posted in Subversion, webdav by Bozzie

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