SVN – Apache Authentication, ViewCVS

Adding Basic Authentication

As detailed on 14 Nov, the lack of httpd authentication prevents svn updates from getting an author assigned. So now I’m installing authentication per the Subversion instructions:

  • htpasswd2 -cm /etc/apache2/basicHTTPpasswd bozzie
  • Cut & pasted the Auth{Type,Name,User} directives from the instructions into the <Location> /svn section of my default-server.conf file. Cut & pasted the Require valid-user only for write actions, also from the instructions.

Re-created the repository and imported. The import challenged for a password and the newly checked-in revision finally has an author.

SVN is ready for use, I think.

ViewCVS (ViewVC)

SuSE installs this package in /srv/viewcvs. Finally found some installation instructions by downloading the current version from the Tigris web site and ad-libbing from the viewVC instructions.

Summary of mods to default-server.conf:

  • Alias /viewcvs-docroot /srv/viewcvs/templates/docroot
  • ScriptAlias /viewcvs /srv/viewcvs/www/cgi/viewcvs.cgi
  • Plus viewcvs.conf must be edited.

ViewCVS presents a serviceable graphic interface to SVN, which I imagine is even better in the current viewVC version. There is also a graphing interface of some sort that I haven’t looked into yet.

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2 Comments to "SVN – Apache Authentication, ViewCVS"

  1. Adarsh Patil wrote:


    I would like to know to configure ViewVC on Apache2/SSL/SVN. My subversion+apache2+ssl is working fine a the moment. It would be nice to have ViewVC.
    It would be very helpful if you please mail me or post some detailed step by step instructions.

    Thank you,

  2. Bozzie wrote:

    Hi Adarsh,

    After you’ve installed the openSUSE viewVC package, click on the Subversion category in my blog, then follow the ViewVC-specific configuration info that appears in the following posts:

    24 Feb 2007, Part I, step 2, item 5: APACHE_SERVER_FLAGS ..

    24 Feb 2007, Part II, steps 8 and 9.

    At this point, viewVC should be available.

    Optionally, 24 Feb 2007, Part II, step 2 and 24 Jan 2007 have additional info regarding authentication.

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